Gear type flow meter VC 0.0105/2022    
Coriolis mass flow meters CMM05/2022  
Indirect distance measurement with gear type flow meters VC11/2021 
Gear pumps with universal valve07/2021   
Gear metering pump ADP01/2021   
Gerotor pumps for filtration systems05/2020 
Multiple pumps10/2019 
High pressure gear pumps KP for marine applications07/2019 
Gear pumps KF - new series KF 1800 ... 315008/2018 
Gear type flow meter VC 5 BOOSTER08/2018 
Pressure relief valve DBD12/2017 
Follower plate pumps06/2017 
Gear pumps KF 0 stainless steel06/2017 
Gear type flow meter – low temperature06/2017